Where’s Tony? Don Lives For the Cuties That Take Good Care Of Him!

Where’s Tony? Don Lives For the Cuties That Take Good Care Of Him!

Hello again!

I spent a delightful afternoon with my friend Mike Granados. Mike owns several group homes in Ensenada that cater to the aged and infirm. This has been one of his passions for the past 14 years. A number of the 24 residents are American citizens. This is because the level of care is far better than in the States at 25% of the monthly cost. For those that can afford to pay, the fee is $2,000 per month for all services. Through Mike’s foundation, other residents are partially or totally subsidized, depending on their particular situation.

Before heading over to his group homes, Mike shared some intriguing and fascinating stories with me about the general benefits provided by Sam Meranto’s Meditation & Medical Hypnosis as well as the Bach Flowers remedies. I will be researching these and possibly adding them to an article that I will write soon on cutting edge and alternative therapies for addiction, depression and pain management in 2019. My visit to both of Mike’s great facilities will also be covered in my next article.

But I was so impressed with one of the residents that I spent an entire hour and a half with him. His name is Don Bennett and he served in the U.S. Army from 1955 to 1958. He is currently 81 years old and has been living in one of Mike’s homes for the past ten years.

WT: Thanks Don for taking a few minutes to share some of your life experiences with me, especially on such short notice. 
DB: Thank you for taking the time to sit with me. It’s refreshing to have someone that is interested in hearing a few of my stories. 
WT: It sounds like you served one tour of duty. If I remember correctly, this would be after the Korean War and before the Vietnam Conflict. Was it a relatively quiet period of time? 
DB: Not hardly, I still managed to get shot while on a training mission in the Andes by insurgents that were using Nazi manufactured weapons going back to World War II. 
WT: If I remember my history, a large number of ex-Nazis and former German servicemen and women ended up in South America immediately after the war. 
DB: You are correct. These former soldiers made money any way that they could, including selling German manufactured arms to the locals. 
WT: So it sounds like it was a rather turbulent time after all, right Don? 
DB: Yes, because the Cold War was in full swing. In fact, I was part of a fire control unit for a 75 mm artillery gun in Greenland. There was a fear that the Soviet Union would invade Greenland and other areas by way of the Arctic. While nothing major ever happened, we did enjoy the broadcasts by Moscow Molly. 
WT: Moscow Molly – was she similar to Tokyo Rose? 
DB: Yes, in fact, we listened to her broadcasts because she played cooler music than some of the other sources available to us. 
WT: Don, what did you do after you were discharged from the Army? 
DB: I created and managed three businesses. One was a janitorial cleaning service that at its peak had 100 employees. A second revolved around janitorial supply sales. A third was working as a masseuse since I was always interested in good health. 
WT: Don, I heard that you recently had a limb-threatening health scare? Can you tell me about that? 
DB: I had developed some problems in one of my legs and it was serious enough that a doctor in San Diego recommended amputation in order to save my life. However, thanks to Mike, doctors were able to treat me here in Ensenada and not only save my life but also my leg in the process. 
WT: While I am very happy to hear about the outcome, as you are a veteran, did you ever consider going to the local VA Hospital in order to seek treatment? 
DB: Many years ago, I learned that going to the VA Hospital meant long waits. Since my businesses always did decently, I chose other alternatives when I needed healthcare in the past.
WT: Don, may I ask what keeps you going each day? 
DB: Well, as I have no living relatives left in the States, the residents and staff in this home are the closest thing to family that I have left. However, what really keeps me going each day is the cuties that not only take good care of me but also are genuinely interested in me as a person. I look forward to interacting with them each and every day. 
WT: Well, I would say that you have an excellent reason to get up each morning, Don! And, if you don’t mind, as this has been a great time with you, I would like to come and visit from time to time if that is fine with you. 
DB: Tony, you can visit me anytime. This has been a lot of fun for me too!

Before leaving, I shared with Don that as there had always been a special place in my heart for veterans, he’d be happy to know that from time to time I was doing special projects for Sabot Foundation. “The Sabot Foundation assists veterans, especially combat veterans to help them redefine their transition back into civilian life and improve their quality of life in a variety of areas related to alternative holistic programs to reduce the effects of PTSD/TBI/CTE, as well as guidance to education and training leading to rewarding careers.” To learn more, please visit http://sabotgroup.com/sabot-foundation/.

Until next time! 


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